Powerful survey results can be rendered impotent if end users do not walk away from the presentation of those results with a clear understanding of their meaning, scope, and context.    A quality report or presentation can mean the difference between survey results as an agent of positive change in an organization and results that sit on a shelf awaiting discovery by future corporate archeologists.
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Presentation of Results
Oral Presentations
At times an audience fails to focus on the main points of your PowerPoint presentation, attending instead to their own relationship to the data. Unanticipated questions arise, requests for external context are made, or in-depth discussions of analyses are initiated.  Effective presentation requires the ability to respond to an audience's specific needs.  The Professional Survey Group has expertise in the presentation of data to a full range of groups, from CEOs and Boards of Directors who are thinking strategically to front-line staff who need to incorporate findings into their daily work.  We present research findings in a manner that holds up to the most rigorous statistical professionals while remaining understandable to those who have never taken a statistics course in their lives.

Whatever your reporting needs, The Professional Survey Group will create a top-notch presentation drawing upon our considerable experience and understanding of data description and interpretation, reporting structure, and the effective graphical representation of data. 
Written Reports
The written summary of research results can take on innumerable forms, from highly detailed item by item analysis to top-level executive summaries  with just enough research detail to provide supporting evidence.  Writing any type of report offers unique challenges, and the Professional Survey Group has faced many over the years.  Our communication skills and depth of experience enable us to offer clear and concise reports to fulfil a variety of communication needs.
PowerPoint Decks
PowerPoint has become a universal and powerful means of communication, allowing researchers to quickly and succinctly reduce findings to their most critical components.  Unfortunately, it has also become one of the most misused tools in the search for insight.  Poorly represented data, a lack of consistent perspective, and highly intricate but opaque graphics can mislead an audience about the true nature of findings, setting organizations off in inappropriate directions.  On the other hand, oversimplification and a  failure to represent the interconnections among variables can render potentially useful information insubstantial and ineffective.  Great PowerPoint decks offer significant and immediate impact and leave an audience feeling like they have a clear understanding of the importance of what they have just seen.
Special Initiatives