The Professional Survey Group has extensive experience fielding surveys through a number of channels.  While some firms rely solely on a single channel (typically online or phone) due to limited expertise or cost restrictions, we will advise you as to what method of fielding is right for you given your parameters.
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Survey Fielding
While mail surveying has been largely eclipsed in the last decade by the online methodology, there are still certain populations that are best reached by this means.  The Professional Survey Group will help you determine if mail is the right method for you. 

Whatever methodology is determined to be right for your project, the Professional Survey Group can field your survey for you.  If your needs include obtaining the right sample or panel for your survey, we can provide participants as well.
While online data collection is right for many projects, there are times when the traditional phone survey is still the best way to reach your desired population.  For those times, The Professional Survey Group can field your survey through our phone bank partners.  Our experience working with CATI programming and survey pricing will ensure that you get the best survey for the best price possible.
Online survey collection is rapidly becoming the preferred method in a wide variety of industries.  A recent Harris Poll found that 78% of US adults are now online.  What's more, the demographic profile of internet users is coming ever closer to that of the nation as a whole.  Online methodology is often the simplest, most cost-effective method of reaching your target audience.  Our online surveys maximize sophistication while minimizing time and effort for your respondents. 
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